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DJL offers a 24/7 Make Safe Service needed in emergency situations.

Insurance repairs we are contracted partners to QBE and various loss adjusting firms. We are also panel providers to QBCC. We undertake, repairs, rectification, subsidence works for these clients as well as a comprehensive reporting service. We offer prompt, reliable service.



Why has DJL Contacted You

If you have been contacted by us we have been requested to attend your property by either your insurer or an insurer appointed loss adjustor. We are to provide a prompt service to provide one or all of the following

Make safe, report, scope of works and quote for the repair of your property. Anyone who attends your property From DJL Building group will Identify themselves and also give a brief explanation of what the role is on site. We will ask a series of standard questions that will assist us in the preparation of our reports. DJL staff will not be able to confirm if your claim will be accepted we are on site to collect information to on behalf of your insurer.

My Insurance Claim Has Been Approved

After your insurer has approved DJL to undertake your repairs we will contact you and provide copies of the approved scope, building contract and an invoice for any excess to be paid. DJL staff can be contacted at any time to discuss any questions you may have in relation to the claim or documents you have been sent. Once excess has been collected and the contract has ben signed staff will contact you to schedule the repairs. We will then manage the repairs through to completion at which point you will be asked to confirm you are satisfied with the works completed.


What if I am not happy with the scope of works ?

Please raise the question with DJL staff or your insurer. Do not sign a scope of works you are not satisfied with.

Why do I need to sign a building contract if Insurance is paying for repairs ?

We require permission as building owner to work on your property even though you are not paying the costs of repairs. This covers all parties legally and is also a state government legislation requirement. Without a signed contract or scope of works we are unable to start works or pay QBCC warranty insurance on repairs.

Am I able to make changes to what I had ?

Yes with conditions, so long as the changes are non structural, have minimal affects on time frames. Any costs over and above the insurance repairs will not be covered under the claim costs and will be payable by you. These costs will given to you and writing and signed for before they can be undertaken. Major changes would require approval from your insurer and a separate building contract for the private works.

Can I use my own trade for part of the repairs?

Yes with Conditions, The trade needs to have the required trade license and insurances, they can perform the works within the time frame and costs allowances we have set.

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